Cover Letter For Kindergarten Teacher No Experience

Kindergarten Teacher Cover Letter

A kindergarten teacher cover letter is constructed to highlight certain necessary qualities in a teacher and to impress the recruiter while applying for the post of a kindergarten teacher. The kindergarten teacher cover letter is a document that accompanies the resume and reinforces your image before the employer. Through the thousands of applications received by the employer, your cover letter should be the one that stands out. Specific qualities like patience, care of the children and poise etc. that the employer (in this case, the principal) looks for in a kindergarten teacher should be included in the letter as well.

The cover letter has to impress upon your educational qualifications and degree in order to apply for the post of a kindergarten teacher. If you have any work experience, it should be included in the cover letter as well. The recruiter looks for specialists who can teach children in an effective way and in a way that they understand what is being taught. A kindergarten teacher needs to have a way with kids, which cannot be taught to anyone and can only be observed. One needs to highlight these qualities in the best way possible.

  • Keep your cover letter simple
  • Highlight your qualifications and abilities. Also highlight your specialties and how well you can get along with kids.
  • Make sure you address it to the principal and mention the name of the school in your letter.

Helga Parkinson
76 Broadway Street
Silver Oak Apartments
Canton 567785

Contact Number: 0013305672345/ 0013308645


The Principal
Saplings Kindergarten
56 Lemony Street
Dawson Complex
Akron 567789

Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Application for the post of a kindergarten teacher.
Reference: Notice through colleague's spouse (Mrs. Davis)

I would like to apply for the post of a kindergarten teacher at the esteemed Saplings Kindergarten. It has been my lifelong dream to do something for children. I completed my teaching degree in 1992 from Bishop's University. I was first recruited as a kindergarten teacher in 1992 in Daffodils nursery school. But my passion for kids took me to various different schools. This passion and search for more brought Saplings Kindergarten under my eye. Ever since, I have been looking for a chance to teach here.

I specialize in music and art. I have even taught the alphabet and numbers in one of the schools. Children love me. I have even taken extra classes for special needs kids whenever needed. I do everything to keep the children happy and I am a diligent worker. The care and safety of my class is of utmost importance. I do not believe in punishments and have a very soft corner for children.

I will be most obliged to come by and give a demo class at your school. I will furnish the necessary documents on request. I will be glad if we could meet up and discuss more over this.

Thanking You,
Yours sincerely,
Helga Parkinson

The above kindergarten teacher cover letter sample is just an example on how you can write a cover letter. You may even change the format and construction of the letter according to what suits your job description best.

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Sample Cover letter for Kindergarten Teacher

View this template of cover letter for Kindergarten Teacher in order to prepare the attractive letter. There are many things which your letter should posses like your skills, ability to work, work experience, education qualification, etc.

(Write your name and address)

Morgan Aguilar
2387 State Street
Phone: 313-914-3528

(Write Employer’s name and address)

Cody Dubin
Eastman Kodak Company
2504 Bedford Street

Date: 04-11-2010

Dear Ms.Dubin,

(In first paragraph, include the information like why you are writing, position you are applying for and source of the job listing)

I am interested in Kindergarten Teacher position available in your company. I have a genuine interest in the relevant industry and I have developed the working knowledge of various areas related to the job opening. Please find my enclosed resume with this letter.

(In second paragraph, include the summary of your work experience.)

My work experience includes:

  • Combining play and interactive activities with an increasing focus on early academic learning, including numbers and an awareness of science and nature.
  • Playing and organising a range of individual and group activities, including role play, movement, dance, singing, games, arts and nature activities.
  • Communicating effectively with parents about their children’s development.
  • Using creative and practical skills to prepare inspiring learning materials.
  • Planning the indoor and outdoor environment to provide a positive and safe learning environment.

(In third paragraph, thanks the employer and include the information about how you follow up)

I hope to begin my career in a vibrant and growth oriented environment where I can enhance my skills. I look forward to further explore the available opportunities at $company. I will contact you next week to see if you can arrange for an interview.

Yours Sincerely
(Morgan Aguilar)

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