Hcr 220 Week 5 Assignment


Applying Level II HCPCS ModifiersAllison BensonHCR 2206/20/20131.

Portable home oxygen unita.

QM- is authorized by provider of services that a patient has to take home withhim2.

Emergency ambulance transport and extended life supporta.

QN- ambulance service that has been furnished by a provider of services thattransports a patient upon the request of the provider 3.

Diagnostic mammogram, left breasta.

GG- show the performance of a screening mammogram of the left breast of a patient4.

Cortisone 10 mg injection, right shoulder a.

RT- right side identifies a procedure that has been performed on the right side of the body5.

 Nonelectric wheelchair a.

GY- item or service statutorily excluded does not meet the definition of beingcovered by any Medicare benefit6.

Intravenous catheter line, right arma.

RT- right arm identifies the right side of the body7.

Labaratory certification, cytology specimensa.

TC- this is a procedure that has to be done on the patient by using technicalequipment8.

Chest x-ray

Why is it important to prepare a clean claim ? What suggestions might you make to ensure that submission of a clean claim takes place? Provide examples. Due day 4 in the Main Forum. Week # 8 Discussion Question 2 It is very important to prepare a clean claim so that a payer does not have to find a reason to review the claim for additional information, or to avoid investigation for fraud and abuse, and to avoid review for medical necessity. Also it is important to submit a clean claim so that the provider can be reimbursed in a timely manner. To ensure that submission of a clean claim takes place a good suggestion would be to always check the claim carefully before submitting it, review the claim to make sure nothing is missing such as facility name, address, the providers name, patient’s birth date, other payer information if a secondary payer is involved, and check for correct coding of diagnosis and procedures. For each claim that is prepared a checklist of data elements should be checked by the insurance specialist or employee completing the billing

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