Critical Essays On Resistance In Education

David Moss

Associate Professor and Director of Global Education


Associate Professor

Director of Global Education for the Neag School of Education


Academic Degrees:

Ph.D. Education, University of New Hampshire
M.S. Botany, University of New Hampshire
B.A. Biology & Education, Alfred University

Areas of Expertise:

Global/International Education

Curriculum Studies

Teacher Education

Environmental Education

Study Abroad Program Design


David M. Moss, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor specializing in curriculum studies and internationalizing U.S. teacher education. His current research interests are in the areas of global/international education, culturally sustaining pedagogies, and curriculum reform. As a scholar, he has published numerous articles and books promoting educational reform. He was named a Teaching Fellow at the university, the highest honor awarded for instructional excellence and leadership. Dr. Moss has served as a keynote and featured speaker at scholarly societies, universities, and national/international conferences. He has extensive curriculum development and assessment experience and directs the Neag School of Education London Study Abroad program.

Selected Publications:



Awards & Honors:

Elected Member of the of International Academy for Intercultural Research

University of Connecticut Teaching Fellow – The highest honor for instructional excellence and leadership awarded by the University of Connecticut

Leo D. Doherty Award for Outstanding Leadership & Service, Northeastern Educational Research Association

McLeod STEM Research Fellowship

Neag Leadership Academy Fellow, University of Connecticut

Blick Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Reform of Science Education at the University of Connecticut

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Space Grant Doctoral Fellowship at the University of New Hampshire
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The notion of resistance resides as a deep-seated premise underpinning the democratic foundation of the United States. Given the distinctive standing of public education in the U.S., this book explores the multiple roles---and numerous contexts---that resistance plays in contemporary educational settings. Resistance in education creates, or reflects, the multiple counter-discourses that arise to challenge the one or more dominant discourses in any given educational setting. There is potency in the plurality of the varied and sometimes controversial arguments provided by each essay in this volume, which should be read by everyone interested in the concept within the framework of education today.

"It is possible to say that resistance in education has always been resisted; the point, of course, is who is doing the resisting. Why they are resisting, what they are resisting, and whose interests are being served by these acts of resistance. David M. Moss and Terry A. Osborn's provocative collection of essays on educational resistance gives new scope and meaning to the term `resistance' in the context of today's challenges to and on behalf of social justice education. It is an important contribution to the field of critical education."---Peter McLaren, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

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