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In keeping with the Christmas Spirit, I am giving all of you a taste of what I have been working on. I am in the process of putting together a Speech Sound Workbook that can be used with “The SpeechPathway” system of developing stimulable sounds through the various levels of sound production up into conversation. The /s/ sound drill component of the workbook is complete and I am giving it away free. It compliments the /s/ sound stimulability video as well as the online course.  If you have not watched the  Online Course that describes the “SpeechPathway” method, you can gain free access to it by signing up in the top right hand corner of this page. I highly recommend you watch the overview of the “SpeechPathway” method. Understanding the method is essential to being able to use the drill sheets effectively.


This Online Course is roughly eight minutes long. It is an overview of the approach I use to develop speech sounds progressively into conversation. This is the same information I present to each of my clients parents and caregivers prior to beginning therapy. This training helps ensure the homework drills are being done properly. It is important that caregivers understand not only how to do the drills,  but why they are done in such a specific manner. To practice the drillsheets without clearly understanding how to use them would be a mistake. 


Access to the /s/ drill sheets is also gained through the same “access password” as the “online course”. The link to the drill sheets can be found below the “online course.


Enjoy my latest offering. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about using the drill sheets. I will do my best to answer them in a timely fashion. If you are Speech Pathologist feel free to use the sheets with your clients. As for the entire workbook of sounds, I am committed to having it available by January 1, 2010. 


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Marcus Little

M.Sc-SLP Reg. CASLPO # 3526


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