Thesis Statement About Philippine Literature

Thesis Statement: Being one of the major industries in the Philippines, livestock and poultry farming is still facing significant problems like: prevalent poor waste management practices, lack of technical knowledge on farming, and insufficient and low quality feeds, but these can be controlled through the building of near and accessible research extensions especially in rural areas, learning programs for small-scale farmers, and application of published thesis related to agriculture.

I. Livestock and poultry farming

A. Background Information

B. Status of the livestock and poultry industry

C. Importance

II. Problems of the livestock and poultry farming industry A. Prevalent poor waste management practices

1. Water pollution

2. Manure disposal

B. Lack of technical knowledge on farming

1. Inaccessible new developments on farming in the rural areas

2. Wrong cultural/traditional practices

C. Insufficient and low quality feeds 1. Expensive feeds

2. Presence of adulterants

III. New knowledge and developments

A. Near and accessible research extensions

1. Research extensions in rural areas/ community units

2. Agriculture students B. Technical learning programs for small-scale farmers

1. Seminars and forums

2. Info-ads

C. Application of agriculture related published thesis

1. Examples of published thesis

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