Long Ridge Gliding Club Case Study Answers


Operations Management: Case Study - Long Ridge Gliding Club
1] Chart the five performance objectives to show the differing expectations of club members and casual flyers and compare these with the actual service delivered. Design a polar diagram. 
The five performance objectives focus on achieving competitiveness while adding value to customers by meeting their needs. The objectives include quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and costs, while the management aligns the customer needs with effectiveness (Aesthetica Technica, n.d.).
Long Ridge Gliding ClubClub memberClub Flyer Service offeredExpectationsexpectationsCost313Dependability352Flexibility524Product quality555Speed353

The people desire affordability, with low process likely to attract more clients (Barnes, 2008, p. 24). Long Gilding Golf Club ought to break even with the revenue covering the costs. For the members the price is justifiable as they fly more frequently unlike the flyer expectations, and the services offered were rated 3 out of 5.
The dependability aspect is related to reliable flying, and while the casual flyers receive attention and services even after paying low prices the same cannot be said about the members. There are instances they may be turned away from a trial flight when there is bad weather or when the number of members is not enough to fly.
Flexibility is associated with choices and changes, where the people using the organization’s services (Barnes, 2008, p. 24). The members expect that the gliders will be available any time so they can fly, while the casual flyers expect to fly the minute that they pay. In reality the members do not fully utilize the services when they desire, while the casual flyers may also face delays.
The members and casual flyers expect high quality services, but the club may be constrained by lack of adequate resources. The gliding instructors should also be highly trained to offer proper training. High quality services is an important aspect to building a positive brand image, as the customers ...

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