Lesson 7 Homework Transcription Translation

Students will use their lecture notes and textbook to complete each box of Student Study Guide Chart which will serve as a review for each of the following processes: DNA replication, Transcription, and Translation.  This study tool will enable students to create an easy to use reference sheet that will guide their understanding of how the structure of DNA will determine the sequence of the complimentary messenger RNA strand (mRNA) which will in turn be translated into amino acids that covalently bond together to make a protein chain.

For Teacher Use - Chart-replication,transcription,translation - KEY

Students are strongly suggested to keep this completed document in a safe place to ensure that they will be able to reference in upcoming lessons and during study sessions for upcoming assessments.

Transcription Chart - Student Work Samples - Each of these three samples demonstrate a varied level of student comprehension based on the accuracy of these responses and the level of details that were provided in each response.  It is evident from the documents that students took advantage of the class review session based on the scratched out original responses and correct answers added in to the chart.


Students will work independently to create their own message using the developed alphabetical code.  Students are encouraged work backwards from alphabetical letter (amino acid), to mRNA, and then finally DNA. Students' phrases must relate to the biology curriculum or show support for school spirit!!!  

Students will use the universal genetic code from the textbook to "backwards" translate these amino acids into mRNA codons AND then "backwards" transcription to create the resulting DNA codon.

A-glycine               B-alanine                C-valine              D-leucine             E-isoleucine

F-proline               G-phenylalanine      H-tyrosine           I-tryptophan        J-serine

K-theronine           L-cysteine               M-methionine     N-asparagine       O-glutamine

P-lysine                 Q-arginine              R-histidine          S-aspartate         T-glutamate

U-glycine               V-alanine               W-valine             X-leucine             Y-isoleucine


Example to be used for clarification:

  1. G = phenylalanine, backwards translated to UUU, backwards transcribed to AAA
  2. E = isoleucine, backwards translated to AUC, backwards transcribed to TAG
  3. N =asparagine, backwards translated to GAU, backwards transcribed to CTA
  4. E = isoleucine, backwards translated to AUC, backwards transcribedmto TAG

Students may select any of the mRNA codons that correspond to their selected letter/amino acid because most amino acids have multiple mRNA codons.

Samples of Student Work - Decoding Activity - These student work samples demonstrate the level of creativity and fun that was generated through the implementation of this activity. Students were engaged in the activity and it appeared that the "decoding" challenge made many students forget that this was actually "school work".  Have fun with this activity and you can even award prizes/recognition for the most creative efforts!

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