Grade 7 Current Events Assignment With Rubric


Mrs. Honeysuckle

Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance


You will review and analyze a current event that will be a homework assignment every week. This increases critical thinking skills and helps prepare you to become a better citizen by being more aware about what is happening in the world. 


Your current event review is due every Friday or the following Monday.


Although sports are important factors in our economy and society, we will not be using sports related articles as current events.


You may choose any international, national, or local business article you find interesting, except for sports. You must use a legitimate source of information such as the newspaper, an article you find on the internet under a news website, or a magazine such as Money, INC., Smart Money, Fast Company, Black Enterprise, Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur or Business Week.


Use your imagination!  Be creative!


Your review can be presented on a poster, Power Point, Prezi, mobile, cartoon, brochure, and any other software program or graphic organizer.  Your review should be submitted to Google Classroom.


Detailed Procedure


  1. Choose your current events article.  The article should be at least two paragraphs long and have enough information to answer who, what, when, where, why, and how.  In addition you will also need to form an opinion about the current event.  If you can’t form an opinion on the topic, then the article is not a good choice.  Articles cannot be olderthan 60 days from the day they are due unless I have approved it ahead of time.
    Ex:  An October 18 current event project cannot use an article older than Aug. 18. 


  1. Be sure to include/write your source, including the following information:


Date of article

Name of magazine, newspaper, website, etc.

Name of author

Page numbers of article

  1. Write a summary of the article using your own words. Your summary should be elaborative and descriptive  and a minimum of 10 sentences long. 

****Answer the questions: who, what, when, where, why, how?


  1. Write a second ‘opinion’ paragraph that is a minimum of 4-6 sentences long.  Answer the following questions:
a.   Why did you choose the article?


    b.   Was the article interesting to you?


    c.    How did the article make you feel? Does what you read make you angry? sad? happy? annoyed? scared?


    d.    Did you change your opinion after reading the article?


    e.    What would you do to change the situation?

    1. Your parents will be notified if you receive a failing grade.  You will have one week to redo the assignment.  

    Purpose:  In order to more successfully contribute to our community and society at large, you must be current on the world’s issues, updates, and changes.  Being an informed citizen and discussing current events will give you a better perspective on different points of view.  This will also give you opportunities to read material in multiple genres and in multiple contexts.

    Article Guidelines:

    • Article must be current - within approximately one month of due date.
    • Article must be relevant - it must pertain to the essential question we are discussing.
    • Article must be from an appropriate source - NOT Wikipedia (see suggestions).
    • Article must have an appropriate subject matter - articles with excessive violence or inappropriate subject matter will not be accepted and receive a grade of zero (0).

    Directions: Every week you will read a current events article and turn it in with a typed response.  The news source may be digital or print.  All assignments are due on the dates given.  If you have an “excused” absence on a due date, your assignment is due the next class period.

    Specific Directions:  Choose an article that pertains to the essential question we have been discussing.  You need to read the article.  It is HIGHLY suggested that you mark the text or take notes as you read.  You will need to complete a written, typed response.  The written, typed response should include the following:

            I.            Title and Date of Article – Write the title of the article and the date it was published, centered at the top of the page.

          II.            Summary – Summarize the main idea of the article.  This should be a minimum of 8 sentences.

        III.            Connection to Essential Question – State the essential question.  Then, write how this article ties to the essential question we have been discussing.  It should also include evidence from the text that supports this. This should be a minimum of 8 sentences.

        IV.            Literary Strategy – Write down the specific literary strategy for the week and discuss how this pertains to the article.  For example, if the strategy is author’s purpose, explain what the author’s purpose of the article is and text clues that helped you figure it out.  This should be a minimum of 8 sentences.

          V.            Personal Response - Write your response to what you read. Did it evoke an emotion? What were your thoughts after reading the article? Explain and give examples. There is no minimum number of sentences.

        VI.            APA Citation – This must be in the correct format.  You can use

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