Exo Members Personality Analysis Essay

1. Baekhyun (백현)/ Byun Baekhyun (변백현) was born on 6th May 1992, in Bucheon, South Korea.#BaekhyunFacts

2. Baekhyun admits that following cameras on stage is hard. #BaekhyunFacts

3. Baekhyun feels so nervous on stage that sometimes his legs are almost trembling. #BaekhyunFacts

4. Baekhyun tried to use less eye-liner. #BaekhyunFacts

5. At first, Baekhyun worried if eye-liner would suit him well. But he relieved when he found out that his fans actually love it. #BaekhyunFacts

6. Baekhyun received a lot of advices from TVXQ’s Yunho. #BaekhyunFacts

7. Baekhyun wants to try many images for his appearances. #BaekhyunFacts

8. Baekhyun’s weight is about 59 kgs. #BaekhyunFacts

9. Baekhyun admits that his high school friends sometimes laughed when they saw him danced.#BaekhyunFacts

10. According to Kai, Baekhyun is a talented dancer. #BaekhyunFacts

11. Baekhyun thinks that he’s really good at imitating people. #BaekhyunFacts

12. Baekhyun wants to try every kind of CF, and testing his acting skill. #BaekhyunFacts

13. When he was in high school, Baekhyun often made a cute expression so his friends would laugh.#BaekhyunFacts

14. In their dorm, Baekhyun have the closest relationships with Chanyeol and D.O. #BaekhyunFacts

15. Baekhyun will act cutely in front of the girl that she likes. #BaekhyunFacts

16. Baekhyun likes a girl with a lot of charms and unique charisma. #BaekhyunFacts

17. Baekhyun prefers casual style like shirts and jeans because it’s comfortable. #BaekhyunFacts

18. Baekhyun feels so lucky to join SM, and so that he can practice his dance-skill more often.#BaekhyunFacts

19. In school, Baekhyun often made a cute voice imitating someone so that his friends would laugh and applause for him. #BaekhyunFacts

20. Actually, Baekhyun and Tao have a close relationship before debut, and until now. #BaekhyunFacts

21. Baekhyun loves to make an ‘ugly’ face in front of his friends. #BaekhyunFacts

22. Until now, Baekhyun still can’t believe if he’s a part of SM Entertainment. #BaekhyunFacts

23. Baekhyun’s most amazing moment of his life is when SM Staffs asked him to join SM Entertainment.#BaekhyunFacts

24. Baekhyun thinks that Tao is a really warm and nice person. #BaekhyunFacts

25. Baekhyun said that Super Junior’s Leeteuk has been really helpful to EXO even after they’re debuted.#BaekhyunFacts

26. “We’re just like a family. We live together. We practice together. We’re so close.” – Baekhyun #BaekhyunFacts

27. “Our dream is to becoming the rookie of the year. We will be working really hard to achieve that dream.” – Baekhyun #BaekhyunFacts

28. “We will be giving all of our attention to our fans.” – Baekhyun

29. “I don’t want the fans to give us attention & hopes but I want EXO to be known for always give fans lots of attention and hopes.” – Baekhyun #BaekhyunFacts

30. Baekhyun often practice his face expression in front of the mirror after shower. #BaekhyunFacts

31. Baekhyun is laughing whenever he watches his pre-debut photos and videos. #BaekhyunFacts

32. Baekhyun believes if he was born to be a star. #BaekhyunFacts

33. Baekhyun and Tao were really closed during trainee days because Baekhyun help Tao learned Korean.#BaekhyunFacts

34. Baekhyun thinks that he’s cute naturally. #BaekhyunFacts

35. Baekhyun admits if sometimes he’s still shy in front of his fans. #BaekhyunFacts

36. Baekhyun thinks that all of EXO-K’s members are weirdos. #BaekhyunFacts

37. Kai said that Baekhyun is a mood booster. Everyone’s happy when he’s around. #BaekhyunFacts

38. For the first time, Baekhyun thought if Suho was a fierce leader but now he sees Suho as a calm leader.#BaekhyunFacts

39. Baekhyun really adores Suho cause he’s so cool. #BaekhyunFacts

40. Baekhyun said whenever he feels confused or nervous, Suho will calm him. #BaekhyunFacts

41. In his last birthday party, Baekhyun felt so nervous because it was the first time he celebrated his birthday with his fans. #BaekhyunFacts

42. Baekhyun joined lots of singing competitions since he was in elementary school. #BaekhyunFacts

43. Baekhyun wants to perform as perfect as SHINee on stage. #BaekhyunFacts

44. Baekhyun enjoys every little time when he perform on stage because it’s his dream since he was a little.#BaekhyunFacts

45. Baekhyun and Kris: become friends with Kris because he’s handsome. Baekhyun and Suho: adores Suho because he’s cool. #BaekhyunFacts

46. Baekhyun is jealous towards Suho’s eyebrows. #BaekhyunFacts

47. Tao: “Baekhyun is so mature, he even never gets angry at all.” # EXOFacts

48. “Many fans asked me to do ‘bbuing bbuing’ during the fan-signs but I was shy.” – Baekhyun#BaekhyunFacts

49. Baekhyun was always teasing Tao, and that’s what make Tao really misses Baekhyun when he’s in China. #BaekhyunFacts

50. Baekhyun already had fangirls when he was in high school. Apparently, his voice attracted his girl friends. #BaekhyunFacts

51. D.O. said that Baekhyun is the most naughty member in EXO-K. #BaekhyunFacts

52. A fan once asked Baekhyun who he likes the most in Girls’ Generation, then Baekhyun answered that he likes all of them. #BaekhyunFacts

53. Baekhyun blushes a lot in front of his fans, especially during the fansigning. #BaekhyunFacts

54. During the trainee days, Baekhyun liked to tease the maknaes, Tao and Sehun. #BaekhyunFacts

55. Baekhyun said that he really wants to know more about Kris. #BaekhyunFacts

56. Baekhyun loves D.O. so much because he said that D.O. loves to talk, and he talks cutely.#BaekhyunFacts

57. Baekhyun loves to play rock-paper-scissors, especially with Chanyeol. #BaekhyunFacts

58. Baekhyun likes fruits, especially strawberries. #BaekhyunFacts

59. Baekhyun said that Suho should take care of his health well because he’s important for the other members (EXO-K). #BaekhyunFacts

60. According to Suho and D.O., Baekhyun loves to nag with puppy eyes. #BaekhyunFacts

61. Baekhyun wishes that he could grow taller. #BaekhyunFacts

62. Baekhyun thinks that he’s attractive because he’s charming in front of his fans. #BaekhyunFacts

63. Baekhyun wants to be the icon of the group, just like Key to SHINee. #BaekhyunFacts

64. All of EXO-K members voted Baekhyun as the funniest member while Baekhyun voted Sehun.#BaekhyunFacts

65. Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Chen didn’t appear in EXO’s last teaser (#23) #BaekhyunFacts

66. Baekhyun’s favorite song is ‘Farewell Review’. He said this song has a deep meaning for him.#BaekhyunFacts

67. Baekhyun’s favorite daily style: shirt + jeans + casual backpack. #BaekhyunFacts

68. Baekhyun nags about breakfast even when his eyes are still closed. #BaekhyunFacts

69. Baekhyun is EXO member who received the most presents from fans. #BaekhyunFacts

70. Baekhyun received iPad, iPhone, and a limited edition pair of shoes on his last birthday.#BaekhyunFacts

71. Baekhyun has a white colored Instax. #BaekhyunFacts

72. Baekhyun likes to humming his favorite song whenever he gets bored. #BaekhyunFacts

73. Tao is Chinese translator for Baekhyun since he stands besides Baekhyun whenever the 12 members are standing on a line. #BaekhyunFacts

74. Baekhyun doesn’t like a girl who talks and acts too much. #BaekhyunFacts

75. Kai said that it is so hard for Baekhyun to stay still. He is always moving. #BaekhyunFacts

76. Baekhyun is the loudest in EXO-K, even from the moment he opens his eyes. #BaekhyunFacts

77. Baekhyun likes a girl who smiles prettily. #BaekhyunFacts

78. Baekhyun interests on a girl that has a good sense of music. #BaekhyunFacts

79. Tao misses Baekhyun when he’s in China because Baekhyun helped him a lot on the trainee days.#BaekhyunFacts

80. Baekhyun wants to be appeared in Running Man and Strong Heart. #BawkhyunFacts

81. Baekhyun likes pop songs that have slow rhythms. #BaekhyunFacts

82. Baekhyun has more than 400 fansites. #BaekhyunFacts

83. Besides electronic devices, Baekhyun received lots of t-shirt from his fans. #BaekhyunFacts

84. SM staff said Baekhyun’s personality is similar to Tao’s. He looks tough outside, but actually he’s really sensitive. #BaekhyunFacts

85. You have to mind your words with Baekhyun. Because he’s really sensitive, although he’s cheerful outside. #BaekhyunFacts

86. Baekhyun loves any kind of Asian foods, but he likes Japanese food the most. #BaekhyunFacts

87. Baekhyun actually doesn’t like it when he wears make up. #BaekhyunFacts

88. Actually, Baekhyun is not the type of flower boy. That’s why he prefers no make up. #BaekhyunFacts

89. Baekhyun gets upset easily. #BaekhyunFacts

90. Suho said thay Sehun is the maknae, but it is harder to take care of  Baekhyun than Sehun.#BaekhyunFacts

91. “We want to set the record of dominating the world with EXO’s music.” – Baekhyun #BaekhyunFacts

92. When they were children, Baekhyun’s mother often asked Baekhyun and his brother to go shopping.#BaekhyunFacts

93. Chanyeol was actually a friend of Baekhyun’s friend, even before Chanyeol and Baekhyun knew each other. #BaekhyunFacts

94. Baekhyun is really thoughtful about his height-growing. #BaekhyunFacts

95. “I look so pretty with eyeliner, and i look really handsome without eyeliner.” – Baekhyun #BaekhyunFacts

96. Kai said that Baekhyun was really popular because of his easy-going personality. #BaekhyunFacts

97. Baekhyun wants to learn about how to do good acting. #BaekhyunFacts

98. Baekhyun is a Taurus. #BaekhyunFacts

99. Baekhyun said that how loud he snores is depend on how tired he is. #BaekhyunFacts

100. When he’s really tired, he doesn’t care about anything else. He usually go to the bed directly and sleep.#BaekhyunFacts

101. Besides Chanyeol & Tao, Chen was close to Baekhyun during trainee days too. Because they both were new and they were Koreans. #BaekhyunFacts

102. Baekhyun wants to appear at his best when he is going to meet his fans. #BaekhyunFacts

103. At first, SM’s choreographer was doubted to teach Baekhyun because he only had short training period. #BaekhyunFacts

104. Baekhyun did lots of cover dances before he got scouted by SM, but he did it only for fun.#BaekhyunFacts

105. He said that the first time he learned dance seriously was when he first got into SM, where a teacher taught him to do some moves. #BaekhyunFacts

106. Suho wants to appear in romantic drama, Kai wants to do a musical, while Baekhyun wants to appear in variety shows. #BaekhyunFacts

107. Baekhyun wants to be a singer that can do anything, not just singing (multi-talented singer).#BaekhyunFacts

108. Baekhyun is good at rock-paper-scissors game. #BaekhyunFacts

109. Baekhyun sometimes called Sehun as “Sehunnie”. #BaekhyunFacts

110. “We treasure our precious Sehun. We never order him around because he’s our precious maknae.” – Baekhyun #BaekhyunFacts

111. Before debut, Baekhyun practiced his dance moves in front of the mirror before he went to sleep.#BaekhyunFacts

112. Chanyeol likes to see how childish Baekhyun is. That’s why he is always teasing Baekhyun.#BaekhyunFacts

113. Baekhyun had a lot of girl school-mates (not lover) in highschool because they found Baekhyun is a charming guy. #BaekhyunFacts

114. Baekhyun had a band when he was in highschool, where one of the members was a girl.#BaekhyunFacts

115. Baekhyun has never been in relationship before. #BaekhyunFacts

116. Baekhyun and Sehun decide the food that they’ll eat in EXO-K. #BaekhyunFacts

117. Chanyeol is very protective towards Baekhyun because Chanyeol thinks that Baekhyun is so small, so he has to protect him. #BaekhyunFacts

118. Baekhyun helps Chanyeol to find the costume that suits him best. Chanyeol picks the one that Baekhyun chooses for him. #BaekhyunFacts

119. Baekhyun loves it when the girls are adoring him. That’s why he likes to acting cute. #BaekhyunFacts

120. Baekhyun said that he can get along with Chanyeol well because they have similar personalities.#BaekhyunFacts

121. Baekhyun cares about his fans much so sometimes at the fansigning he ignores Chanyeol.#BaekhyunFacts

122. Baekhyun sometimes reads love-relationship guide book, so he’ll be a good boyfriend in the future.#BaekhyunFacts

123. Baekhyun has the most nicknames from Chinese fans. #BaekhyunFacts

124. Baekhyun wants to be a singer since he was 12 years old. #BaekhyunFacts

125. Believe it or not, Baekhyun auditioned for other companies but he failed. #BaekhyunFacts

126. Baekhyun is suddenly become interested when topic of the conversation is love relationship.#BaekhyunFacts

127. Baekhyun was like the ‘leader’ of his ‘gang’ at school. #BaekhyunFacts

128. When he was in high school, he often go to his friend’s house just to play around together.#BaekhyunFacts

129. During his trainee days, he really adores Kris. #BaekhyunFacts

130. When he was in high school, Baekhyun kept telling his school-mates that he will be a big celebrity one day. #BaekhyunFacts

131. He wears the shoes and t-shirts that his fans gave him. #BaekhyunFacts

132. Chanyeol says sorry to Baekhyun directly when he made a mistake. #BaekhyunFacts

133. Baekhyun and Sehun are the one who know their fansites really well. #BaekhyunFacts

134. Chanyeol says sorry to Baekhyun directly when he made a mistake. #BaekhyunFacts

135. Baekhyun thinks that his aegyo is good. #BaekhyunFacts

136. SM’s choreographer said that Baekhyun has a high determination. He’s not going to give up on something easily. #BaekhyunFacts

137. Baekhyun hates it very much when somebody is disturbing his sleep. #BaekhyunFacts

138. Baekhyun doesn’t have interests in cleaning, but if D.O asks him to do it, he’ll do it. #BaekhyunFacts

139. If Baekhyun often asks Tao to translate Chinese for him, Chanyeol is usually asks Kris.#BaekhyunFacts

140. Chanyeol likes to picking Baekhyun’s ear, then he pretends that he didn’t do it. #BaekhyunFacts

141. When they’re eating together, Chanyeol directly finds a seat beside Baekhyun. #BaekhyunFacts

142. Baekhyun and Chanyeol are the one who dislike cleaning the most. their room is the messiest.#BaekhyunFacts

143. Baekhyun thinks that his lips are attractive that’s why he likes pouting and licks it. #BaekhyunFacts

144. Baekhyun’s original hair color is black. #BaekhyunFacts

145. Baekhyun has a brother who is 7 years older than him. #BaekhyunFacts

146. Baekhyun is trying to keep his image as a cool and cute guy in front of his fans. #BaekhyunFacts

147. Baekhyun has the most male fans after D.O #BaekhyunFacts

148. Baekhyun likes to tease Sehun, in return Sehun tease him by imitating the way Baekhyun calls Chanyeol “Chanyeol, Chanyeol” #BaekhyunFacts

149. Baekhyun has the most ‘dirty’ thoughts in EXO-K. #BaekhyunFacts

150. When he was still in highschool, everytime Baekhyun and his friends saw a pretty girl they would say “Aaaah yeppeo…” #BaekhyunFacts

151. When Baekhyun is random dancing, his school friends won’t stand close to him. #BaekhyunFacts

152. In their predebut era, Kai and Chanyeol often asked Baekhyun to do his random dancing.#BaekhyunFacts

153. Eventhough he’s not the leader, Baekhyun said that TVXQ’s Yunho and Super Junior’s Leeteuk gave him lots of advices. #BaekhyunFacts

154. Baekhyun and Chanyeol talk a lot together before go to sleep. #BaekhyunFacts

155. When Baekhyun and Chanyeol ignore him, D.O will slowly going closer, and said “Baekhyun, Baekhyun!” or “Chanyeol, Chanyeol!” #BaekhyunFacts

156. Baekhyun likes it the most when at the fansigning, fans are telling him that he’s so handsome.#BaekhyunFacts

157. When he’s in front of a fan at a fansigning, Baekhyun often licks his lips. A fan said he looks 1000 times more handsome when he’s doing it. #BaekhyunFacts

158. Baekhyun’s favorite perfume is the one who has sweets aroma, like vanilla or jasmine. #BaekhyunFacts

159. A fan that came to airport to see EXO said that Baekhyun’s smell so nice. #BaekhyunFacts

160. One of Baekhyun’s hobby is to make his friends laugh. #BaekhyunFacts

161. If he couldn’t reach his dream as a singer, Baekhyun thought that being a student in an art university is enough. #BaekhyunFacts

162. Baekhyun has a high determination. He asked Chanyeol to teach him rap, asked Kai to teach him popping dance, etc. #BaekhyunFacts

163. Baekhyun has a very beautiful and long fingers. #BaekhyunFacts

164. Kai would laugh until kicking his feet when Baekhyun does his ‘random dancing’ #BaekhyunFacts

165. Baekhyun loves their song, ‘Angel’, because of it’s beautiful lyrics. #BaekhyunFacts

166. Whenever Baekhyun and Chanyeol are coming out from their car or coming in to their car, chanyeol always let Baekhyun to go first. #BaekhyunFacts

167. Baekhyun has interests on old love songs. #BaekhyunFacts

168. Baekhyun chuckles a lot when a fan compliments him. #BaekhyunFacts

169. Baekhyun is upset when a fan pronounces his name wrongly. #BaekhyunFacts

170. When a fan asks him why he is so handsome Baekhyun will say “Thanks, my mom gave it to me.”#BaekhyunFacts

171. Baekhyun loves milk. #BaekhyunFacts

172. “He’s a hyung yet he’s so small and so funny. He loves to make us laughing.” – Kai about Baekhyun#BaekhyunFacts

173. Baekhyun has ‘eagle eyes’. He knows every fan camera that records him. Usually, he waves a little or smile to the camera. #BaekhyunFacts

174. Baekhyun receives more than five gifts from fans everyday. #BaekhyunFacts

175. EXO-K’s manager don’t wanna be around them when Baekhyun and Chanyeol start to talk about something because they’ll go loud. #BaekhyunFacts

176. When he hears anything about HunHan, Baekhyun (and the other EXO-K members) will chuckles secretly. #BaekhyunFacts

177. EXO-K’s stylist said that Baekhyun has gained more confidence from his first photoshoot to his last photoshoot (IVY CLUB) #BaekhyunFacs

178. Baekhyun, Luhan, Tao and Sehun are EXO members who oftenly check the fans comments on their site. #BaekhyunFacts

179. When he was in highschool, lots of his girlfriends (friends that are girls) wanted to take a photo with him.#BaekhyunFacts

180. Baekhyun sometimes can’t hold on to the cold temperature, then he gets flu. #BaekhyunFacts

181. Chanyeol will always keep Baekhyun around him by placing his hand on Baekhyun’s shoulder.#BaekhyunFacts

182. When he first saw Kris, Baekhyun never thought if there’s somebody that tall. #BaekhyunFacts

183. Chanyeol was Baekhyun’s first friend when he got into SM. #BaekhyunFacts

184. When everything goes the way that he doesn’t want it, Baekhyun will say “Ah..” or “Aish…”#BaekhyunFacts

185. Baekhyun and Chanyeol sleep the latest, because when they’re together, they always talk.#BaekhyunFacts

186. Baekhyun always tease Chanyeol about how tall he is and how big is his shoes size. #BaekhyunFacts

187. Baekhyun said that Chanyeol rehearses his rapping skills too much so sometimes Baekhyun finds it annoying. #BaekhyunFacts

188. Chanyeol and Baekhyun drink from the same can or same straws sometimes. They always share their beverages. #BaekhyunFacts

189. It has been said that Baekhyun’s type of voice is rare and unique. His dance skill is just a gold bonus.#BaekhyunFacts

190. Baekhyun sometimes teasing Chanyeol by pulling his hair then pretend that he didn’t do it.#BaekhyunFacts

191. Baekhyun likes to wear hats or caps for daily wear. #BaekhyunFacts

192. Baekhyun really likes fruit juices or slushies so sometimes he even doesn’t wanna share it with anyone.#BaekhyunFacts

193. When Chanyeol is mad with Baekhyun he hits Baekhyun’s pillow. #BaekhyunFacts

194. Baekhyun is not awkward in front of his fangirls because he already used to it. Lots of his girl-school mates wanted to be his girlfriend. #BaekhyunFacts

195. Baekhyun, Chen and Chanyeol like to go to the karaoke together and they will go crazy and banging their heads. #BaekhyunFacts

196. Baekhyun likes to take underwears randomly so sometimed he takes the other members’ underwears.#BaekhyunFacts

197. Sometimes Kai finds Baekhyun is annoying because he’s always moving. #BaekhyunFacts

198. Baekhyun puts so much interests in tall guys. #BaekhyunFacts

199. Baekhyun hates girls that nagging much because he himself is always nagging. #BaekhyunFacts

200. Baekhyun likes a girl with a great body curves and the one that will looks good in skinny jeans.#BaekhyunFacts

201. During a fansign event, Tao went down stage while he was doing his introduction to pick up ₩100 (equivalent of 0.08970 us dollar) that was on the ground.  Baekhyun told him to go buy himself a treat.  (Credit; ggamjongin) #BaekhyunFacts
202. During a fansign, a fan said to Baekhyun that she came with her boyfriend, and she got her mirror out and showed Jongdae so his face would reflect.  Baekhyun heard and said “I think it’s best for you to break up with him”  (Credit; ggamjongin) #BaekhyunFacts
203. At a fansign, a fan asked Baekhyun to draw her a heart, but Baekhyun could not hear her and said “what?  You want me to draw you a star?” then the fan said “no, a heart… a heart…”  Baekhyun still could not hear her and said “a triangle” and the fan replied and said it again.  Baekhyun finally heard her then he drew her three stars, one triangle, and one heart with x100 beside it.  When he was done he told her “I’ll draw you a square if you come next time~”  (Credit; ggamjongin) #BaekhyunFacts
204. When Baekhyun first met Kai, he thought Kai was older than he was. #BaekhyunFacts

205. Until he was in his first year of high school, he was mistaken as a middle school student. #BaekhyunFacts

206. Baekhyun decided not to meet any girls in his last year of high school to focus with his university entrance. #BaekhyunFacts

207. Baekhyun said he could not drink too much. He will not drink more than two glasses. #BaekhyunFacts

208. If he drinks too much his whole body will turn red. #BaekhyunFacts

209. Baekhyun said Chanyeol and D.O are the best/Strong drinkers. #BaekhyunFacts

210. Baekhyun’s lucky charm was his bracelet that was given to him by a nooner.  (she was his trainee). #BaekhyunFacts

211. Baekhyun’s trainee gave him a bracelet during a slump he had before the comeback.  He had many worries and had many thoughts.  The noona gave him the bracelet and told him to become the fearless Baekhyun he once was. #BaekhyunFacts

212. When Baekhyun like someone, he will make sure to point out the tiny changes. #BaekhyunFacts

213. Baekhyun said that he really want to delete the video when he was doing the light dance during his high school day.  The MC told him to do a new one so it can be replaced.  Baekhyun did the light dance and said, “Now there’s another video that I want to get rid of…” #BaekhyunFacts

214.Baekhyun wants to become an all-around entertainer. #BaekhyunFacts

215. Baekhyun  is confident with his pelvis. #BaekhyunFacts

216. Baekhyun said that his pelvis line is really good. #BaekhyunFacts

217. Baekhyun said his pelvis is quite big, so he thinks it fits well with his clothes. #BaekhyunFacts

218. He doesn’t need to wear belts because his pelvis is broad. #BaekhyunFacts

219. When asked who was the funniest member, all the member points to Baekhyun. #BaekhyunFacts

220. D.O: If some is telling the same funny story, Baekhyun will do it better.  D.O said Baekhyun would make it funnier. #BaekhyunFacts

221. Baekhyun has a good sense. #BaekhyunFacts

222. K-fans stated that they noticed Baekhyun is really cold towards sasaengs.  He does not even look at them and avoid their eye contacts.  And whenever he spots one his face expression changes immediately.  (credit; babododioh) #BaekhyunFacts

223. Baekhyun stated that when he walks past the sasaengs treating them like an invisible people, they would swear and curse at the members for them to hear.  (credit; babododioh) #BaekhyunFacts

224. Baekhyun is good at teasing people. #BaekhyunFacts

225. No one will tease Baekhyun, because if you tease him you will get double the teasing.  He will tease your properly. #BaekhyunFacts

226. No one could beat Baekhyun if he teases the members. #BaekhyunFacts

227. Chanyeol: when we play game together, we always try to be on the same team as Baekhyun.  It is because… even if you win, you feel angry.  Ha ha ha.  He is good at teasing people. #BaekhyunFacts

228. Baekhyun was added in the team (EXO) after he trained for 4 months.  Then he trained another 4 months after that, so he only trained for 8 months. #BaekhyunFacts

229. When Baekhyun was in elementary school, he was around 145 cm and weighed 48 kg. #BaekhyunFacts

230. Baekhyun starting to lose a lot of weigh when he was in middle school. #BaekhyunFacts

231. Baekhyun’s brother called Baek Beom. #BaekhyunFacts

232. Baekhyun had a dog when he was in his first year of middle school.  His dog was a dachshund. #BaekhyunFacts

233. Baekhyun had a dog-called chorong.  When his dog was 2 years old it got sick and he always throw up whatever he ate, Baekhyun took him to the vets for a check-up, and find out that he had a kidney failure, and they could not cure him and then he died of illness. #BaekhyunFacts

234. Baekhyun once lent Kai 10k won, and when he returned it he gave him a 5k won bill and a 5k won coupon. #BaekhyunFacts

235. If Baekhyun had a sister, he would want her to date with Suho. Because he thinks, Suho will spoil her with food. #BaekhyunFacts

236. Baekhyun picked money for his 100th day birthday celebration. #BaekhyunFacts

237. Baekhyun don’t like when girls swear, he said girls who swear are a little off-putting. #BaekhyunFacts

238. The first song Baekhyun practiced after he become a trainee was ‘Old Song’ by Kim Dong Ryul. #BaekhyunFacts

239. Baekhyun is afraid of height.  His house is on the seventh floor so he always afraid that the building will fall. #BaekhyunFacts

240. Baekhyun would close his eyes when he rides the roller coaster so his friends call him a coward. #BaekhyunFacts

241. D.O to rank the members according to looks, he ranked Suho first and Baekhyun last.  And when it was Baekhyun’s turn to rank the members, he ranked himself first and D.O last. #BaekhyunFacts

242. There was once Tao lost Baekhyun’s eyeliner remover’s lid. #BaekhyunFacts

243. Tao always borrow Baekhyun’s eyeliner remover and he never return it. Then Baekhyun found it without the lid on. #BaekhyunFacts

244. Baekhyun always tease D.O, and D.O will punish him in return. #BaekhyunFacts

245. Baekhyun and Chanyeol are the one who get punished by D.O the most because they are very loud. #BaekhyunFacts

246. Baekhyun and Chanyeol wrote ‘lucky’ together. #BaekhyunFacts

247. Baekhyun mentioned on Young Street that there is a black and white photo of him on the stage hitting the high notes, with the lights behind him.  (Credit; ggamjongin) #BaekhyunFacts

248. Suho was the first one who cared for Baekhyun, but the one that got him to open up was Chanyeol. #BaekhyunFacts

249. Baekhyun is the youngest in the family, and he have a 7 years age gap with his brother so he act like the daughter, and his mam thinks it’s cute. #BaekhyunFacts

250. If Baekhyun were interesting with someone, he would go after her. #BaekhyunFacts

251. When Tao revealed that Baekhyun scrub his back for him, Baekhyun got embarrassed. #BaekhyunFacts

252. Baekhyun said he is good at giving scrubs.  He gave Tao a scrub before. #BaekhyunFacts

253. There are international fans who writes Baek Hyun as Baek Yeon. #BaekhyunFacts

254. Baekhyun is very touched when international fans write letters to him in Korean. #BaekhyunFacts

255. Before debut Baekhyun used to look into the mirror after showering and thought he was good looking.  Now he doesn’t want to look into the mirror. #BaekhyunFacts

256. Baekhyun want to wear makeup even when he don’t have any schedule. #BaekhyunFacts

257. When Baekhyun was preparing to enter university when he was in 3rd year in high school, he and his friend promised not to go out to date a girls, but one day his friends starting to come late and put perfume on, so Baekhyun asked him why he sprayed perfume today, and he said he had a girlfriend now. #BaekhyunFacts

258. Before he was a trainee, he was preparing a song for his university entrance exam, and he attended an academy and Hyungwoo was a piano teacher there. #BaekhyunFacts

259. Baekhyun said he want to be 12 years old again, because during that time he ate a lot, to grow taller, but in the end he didn’t really grow any taller, and he was convinced that because he ate too much, so the body sank as its too heavy, so he didn’t grow taller. #BaekhyunFacts

260. Baekhyun hapkido skills is at the level where he can teach other students. #BaekhyunFacts

261. When he learnt hapkido, he learnt to a difficult level. #BaekhyunFacts

262. During a fansign event, Tao wore a cat ear hairband, and Baekhyun called him a ‘byuntae’ (pervert). #BaekhyunFacts

263. Baekhyun debuted after 1 year of training, so he has been practising hard to keep up with other members. #BaekhyunFacts

264. Baekhyun revealed that they only get around 2 to 3 hours of sleep each day. #BaekhyunFacts

265. During Star King recording Baekhyun said that it really did hurt to fall but the audiences weren’t buying it.  During break, a fan asked Baekhyun if it really did hurt and he replied that it, reeeeally hurts and that his body is all red. (Credit; ggamjongin). #BaekhyunFacts

266. Baekhyun said that Xiumin looks like a ninja turtle after seeing him get changed.  (Credit; ggamjongin). #BaekhyunFacts

267. If Baekhyun had a sister, he wouldn’t introduce her to Kai.  Because Kai is slightly cold. #BaekhyunFacts

268. When EXO is suggesting fandom names, Baekhyun said “flower-nim”. #BaekhyunFacts

269. When they were ask which member gets close to the screen when a girl group appear on tv, Baekhyun said he monitor all girl groups. #BaekhyunFacts

270. When Sehun had this red tomato hair, Baekhyun said it looks like its bleeding. #BaekhyunFacts

271. Baekhyun likes cute girls. #BaekhyunFacts

272. Baekhyun have dated before in high school about three, four years ago. #BaekhyunFacts

273. Baekhyun said that every time he dated, he was the one to be dumped.  He said that his girlfriends would get tired of him first, because he is the type to give his all.  (Credit; ggamjongin) #BaekhyunFacts

274. To Baekhyun SNSD is reliable reinforcements that takes care of EXO well (credit; babododioh) #BaekhyunFacts

275. Baekhyun is not the type to be easily discouraged. #BaekhyunFacts

276. During his school days, everyone says that Baekhyun is really funny. #BaekhyunFacts

277. When Baekhyun first joined the group his first thought, was “They are good looking…”. #BaekhyunFacts

278. Baekhyun wants to do a sub-group with D.O, Chen and Luhan…..and Suho. #BaekhyunFacts

279. Baekhyun wants to collaborate with Yesung, Ryeowook and Jonghyun. #BaekhyunFacts

280. Baekhyun thinks it was a bit wrong when fans follow them when they go to the bathroom when they were at the airport. #BaekhyunFacts

281. Noisy members: Chen, Chanyeol, Baekhyun. #BaekhyunFacts

282. Baekhyun, Chen and Chanyeol are very noisy and loud, there was once when they were making lots of noise, Lay told them to “Be quiet.” #BaekhyunFacts

283. 19 years from now, Baekhyun imagine himself playing piano for his children. #BaekhyunFacts

284. Baekhyun said that the time members stare at the mirror has increased. #BaekhyunFacts

285. Before his debut, he was confident with his bare face. #BaekhyunFacts

286. Baekhyun have a dark circle while promoting. #BaekhyunFacts

287. Baekhyun is okay to date girls with any age as long as they don’t look like mother and son when they together. #BaekhyunFacts

288. Baekhyun was the most excited after EXO was announced as the new face of nature republic alongside Taeyeon. #BaekhyunFacts

289. Baekhyun want to become a person that other people acknowledges and remembers, as “that guy is someone who’s perfectly prepared.”  (Credit; ggamjongin). #BaekhyunFacts

290. Baekhyun is the type that can’t contain curiosity. #BaekhyunFacts

291. Baekhyun’s 12 words to fans: tonic like existence for me. #BaekhyunFacts

292. Baekhyun (and Chen) first met Chanyeol at the photo-shoot for their profile photo. #BaekhyunFacts

293. Chanyeol said that when he first met Baekhyun and Chen, they look more confident than them. #BaekhyunFacts

294. Baekhyundon’t really feel self-conscious. #BaekhyunFacts

295. Kai sweats a lot and it creates a heart shape on his back, and the members says it looks sexy, so Baekhyun poured water on his back to look sexy. #BaekhyunFacts

296. On chanyeol’s profile (Weekly Idol), it said that Baekhyun does a strange rap.  (Credit; ggamjongin) #BaekhyunFacts

297. The scene from Star King where Baekhyun asks if it is possible for males’s hair to be braided in to a flower was edited out along the scene where the hairstylist actually braids a lock of Baekhyun’s and Kai’s into flowers.  (Credit; ggamjongin) #BaekhyunFacts

298. Baekhyun’s Brother will give hime pocket money, when he was in High School. #BaekhyunFacts

299. Baekhyun said he dated before. #BaekhyunFacts

300. Baekhyun prefers girls who don’t have any love experience but pretends to have many. “I like to see her work/try hard, it’s quite good.” #BaekhyunFacts
301. Baekhyun said his mum would pack for him whenever she misses him. He suggests that she should open a shop because her cooking is really good. #BaekhyunFacts

302. Baekhyun can’t stand the smell of cucumbers. #BaekhyunFacts

303. Baekhyun said he can’t eat cucumbers because they taste weird. #BaekhyunFacts

304. Baekhyun: I really hate cucumbers, if theres a cucumber on the table, I cant eat because I cant stand the smell. #BaekhyunFacts


From 1 -200 are the collection of #BaekhyunFacts tweets from BaekhyunFacts at Twitter (until 16th November 2012). ORIGINALLY POSTED BY BaekhyunFacts on Twitter.

From 201-304, Orriginally  POSTED BY  Baekhyun (EXO-K) on Facebook.

Last update : 30 January 2014

Like this:



.·.·.· It took me one month and one week to make and post this ...please try to read it, it may interest you ! ·.·.·.


.·.·.· Artificial Love is a song from the EX’ACT album. It was written by Timothy Bullock. And it was first assigned to NCT, however Baekhyun sang the demo version so well that the song has been given to EXO instead.

.·.·.· We all remember that song for the very explicit dance and for the sensuality of the instrumental.

.·.·.· The lyric talks about the relationship between the singer and a girl that he describes as fake and unreal. The lyric is pretty vague on the identity of the girl, is she real or is she not? In fact the lyric say both:

- “You got that fake smile, fake tears, fake love”.

- “Even your true form is undercover” + “I know you aren’t real”

.·.·.· Our theory for that dance analysis will be:

° The girl of whom the singer felt in love with, is in fact the “mask” of another person. She and her personality has been completely invented by a person that wanted to creates herlsef a second life simultaneously to the real one. The singer felt in love with the fake identity.

.·.·.· The song is interesting because it is questioning love in such relationship:

- Can we sincerely love someone that doesn’t really exist?

- Why do I continue to love someone that can’t feel anything sincere towards me?

- Is true love only about reciprocal feelings, or is there a physical desire dimension?

.·.·.· In this analysis we will try to clarify the interrogation of the singer, with detailing the

dance moves, the lyric and the dance device.


Pink Lights:

° In certain culture as mine, the color pink itself is the symbol of feminity and refinement.

° However pink lights are more often associated to sensuality and erotism. We can imagine that this is why the technicians add for the Artificial Love performance, pink lights. Those lights are so powerful that the members and the public are totally embraced by it.

°This choice shows how sensual and glamour the atmosphere is in Artificial Love.



° On that photography, we can notice two devices that bring sensuality.

° The first one is the few blue lights that go along with the pink one.

- Do these two colors remind you something?

° Blue and pink are the color associated to boys and girls, even if it is a little bit cliché, we can see on what this song is about just by looking at the lights.


° The other thing we can notice is screens

° There is one placed in the back, and other on the side-platform’s floor. Those screens help to spread erotism to the atmosphere, especially with the red smoke animation (symbol of passion) and the white fluid animation (next gif).



° As the song begins we are introduced to the main dance device of that choreography: Canes.

- Isn’t it a weird and unique object to dance with?

° In certain traditional Lebanese dance, canes were used to dance. Today, they are pretty rare on dance performance.

° After a long time of reflection, I think that the canes are used to represent the physical presence of the girl.

° We can see here Sehun skimming softly the cane. Let’ see that hypothesis in this way:

- My relationship is artificial cause I love someone that doesn’t exist

---> So I need to create an entity that will represent her physically

---> *choose an object = a cane* The cane symbolized the body of the girl, I can now touch her

---> Touching her is making her less artificial, it goes against her superficiality because she looks more real.


CBX leaning on canes:

° I think that this move is pretty ungraceful; they look like they are teasing us with their moving butts.

- So why are they leaning on canes like this, if it is not aesthetic?

° If we follow the previous theory, we are here in front of a boy leaning on the only thing he finds to create a physical entity to that nonexistent girl. This physical contact is way more “violent” than the previous one, there is no softness in that movement.  

° In my opinion leaning on something/someone means that we depend on it, we need it like if it was vital.

° Knowing that the cane represents the girl’s body, it makes me feel like the singer start to have a “physical contact need”. He wants to start something more “powerful” that simple caress, maybe in order to fill that growing contact desire.


D.O and Chen manipulating the canes:

° Since now, we were in a slow dance dynamic; more the movements were slow more it looked sensual.

° However this move brings a sudden energy, like a breath of fresh hair! Indeed, this dance move marks the beginning of a rhythmed verse.

° Beyond the extreme control of the object I think that this move is interesting because at this right moment the singer explain how tortured he is by the girl’s falsity … by that complicated relationship.

° Those wide moves show how disturbed he is and how restless his feelings towards her are.


Xiumin bow :

° May I present you one of the weirdest theory I’ve ever made on that dance analysis.

° At this moment of the song, the singer complains that no matter if she is real or not, his “feelings are spreading without any reason".

° I personally love to imagine Xiumin with a bow that he is drawing.

A little bit like Cupid, but instead of spreading arrows it is spreading feelings.

°Somewhere we can see that no matter who is she, fake or not, he loves her and he is shooting love arrows to makes her fall in love with him, even if it impossible…

° In my opinion this part answer to one of the question we asked: Can we sincerely love someone that doesn’t really exist?

° The answer seems to be yes. If I follow the reasoning of the singer: no matter who is the person, no matter if she is not even a person:

° The object of our passion and love can be everything, cause it is written anywhere how to love and who to love. There is no code and rules, and those who try to put love in a box with loving rituals and manners are close-minded.

° As a French example, do you know that a woman married the Eiffel Tower? We can’t judge her, because love has no limits and no forbidden … (I let you debate if you want)


Kai explicit use of his cane :

° Explicit moves are making their entrance on stage!

- Shall we applause them?

° This dance move consist in placing the cane at the same high that the singer pelvis and even lower. The dancer also has to softly touch the canes.

° I interpret this as the beginning of an erotic era, where the canes are use as sexual object and sexual representation. Here the cane is placed in an explicit position and spot,that let think of the erectile singer penis.

° Also Kai face shows the satisfaction he has by skimming it.


Mirror Sheets:

° What a curious stage device we have here! As you can see the members are dancing on mirror sheet that reflect the pink and white lights.

° In my opinion this sheet have a more meaningful use.

° The mirror are often used to symbolized two dimension, the reality and the reflect, the real world and the illusion one. Here the mirror is used to underline the fake and true dimension that subsists in the song.

° Once again it shows how superficial their relation is cause one is stuck in the reality part and one in the falsity one.


Ar-ti-fi-cial loooove :

° Please excuse that weird title, but you maybe have guessed of which part of the song I am referring at ?

° The dance move that we can see here is in complete harmony with the lyric and singing.

° Indeed the words “artificial love” are cut depending of where the syllables stop. So during the “ar-ti-fi-cial” part, they are going all over their body with their hands, starting from their pelvis and going up, making stops where the syllables stop.

° We can notice that the word “artificial” is assigned to the touch of their low body part, while the word “love” is said when their hands touch their heart.

°Thanks to that contrast we are here introduced to one of the question that the singer asked: Is true love only about reciprocal feelings, or is there a physical desire dimension?


Baekhyun true and false revelation:

° Beyond that beautiful platform screen that let us admire the progress of stage technologies, let’s take a closer look to the lyric.

° At this moment the singer sing about his questioning on the veracity of the girl words. He orders the girl to reveal what is true and what is false.

° While doing this Baekhyun is dynamically pointing towards a direction. When the word “true” is said, he is pointing to the left and when the word “false” is said he is pointing a little more to the right.

°There is once again a truth/false contrast.


Suho drops the cane:

° This dance move is related to the previous one.

° As I said before, at this moment it is said that he wants to know what is true and what is false in the girl words.

° That is maybe why Suho is rising the cane up and then drop it down just like if he wanted to drop the falsity of the girl words, leaving only the truth left.

° Right after he places his hands next to his cheeks in order to gesture the word “tell me”, he gestures the action of speaking.


Love, Love, Ô Love :

° Be patient we are close to the moment you all want to see!

° I appreciate that move very much because it is simple but have a lot of meaning in it. Indeed, Lay is executing a slow movement that goes from high to low, using the cane to get lower.

This move has a “curve” or “zigzag” appearance.

° While doing this, Lay is going over his body from his chest to his pelvis, keeping a “curve” movement.

° My view point is that this following move show the questioning of the definition of love as the lyric say: “Love, Love Ô Love !?”.

° Indeed it seems like he asks: Is love only about the feelings of the heart?(while touching his heart and chest) or Is love only about sexual needs ? (While touching is pelvis and lower body part.

° I do think that the singer first defined his own love on true and reciprocal feelings but then defined it on having sexual desire.

°This sudden change can be compared to love deceptions that bring us to the third question: Why do I continue to love someone that can’t feel anything sincere for me?


EXO sexual act:

° Here we are! The moment you were all waiting for (I hope you didn’t skip the other part to get there first).

° Well, prepare yourself to something maybe embarrassing.

° The main use of canes is to add a physical dimension to the unreal girl.

° At first the use of the canes was very symbolic; he touched it and used it in a very sensual way in order to complete the lack of physical contact.

° Then he used it with a lot of dynamism making it spin and turn, showing the uncontrolled feelings he has for her.

° Finally he used it for recreating the sexual act. Indeed the members are gesturing explicit moves with the canes to show the sexual appetite.

° This move shows that the singer definition of love is now only about sexual desire. He acts with the cane like he would act with the girl. He made tools of the canes by gesturing a carnal relation and his sexual fantasies.

° We can see how embarrassing this move is, the members are doing it in the position that brings them the most of comfort. They are also place all around the stage, to touch the public with that unexpected and surprising move.

° Unfortunately, let’s not forget that this move has been mainly done for fan service and that the rest of the choreography has been entirely skipped to let that move be THE EROTIC MOVE OF EXO!


Chen true feelings:

° This dance movement is very important for the story of the song.

° Indeed, at this moment the lyric is showing how much the singer wanted the true love of his lover. In order to gesture this, the members have to leave their canes on the floor.

° The cane is the symbol of the girl body, but it is also a tool that the singers use.

° The cane is also a symbol of falsity. The fact that they are leaving their canes on stage for dancing without them, show their will to be loved sincerely.

° This is the only time when they are dancing without their canes.

° The dance moves that follow are usually very wide (Chen), they are touching their body (chest/heart) and their genitals (Suho) so there is again a contrast between the true feelings (heart) and sexual desire (genitals).


Xiumin spinning the canes:

° Tell me, what is more satisfying than to see Xiumin looking at you with such a deep gaze?

(Stop looking at the GIF or you are going to have very fluffy dreams, right Ana?).

° I choose that dance moment to close our analysis, it is a very sensual sight accompanied by a fast cane spinning. Here we have the two main elements of the Artificial Love choreography: sensuality and canes.

° By the way does this move remind you something? Look more closely to his shoulder and sigh …

° In the white noise dance analysis, there is a moment where Xiumin is looking deeply into the camera while moving his shoulder on the rhythm. Just like here…



.·.·.· To conclude, even if the lyric was pretty vague, the dance move helped a lot to recreate a story that has sense.

.·.·.· My theory on the identity of the girl is maybe not the right one and even if I based all my work on it, I think the results looks pretty good.

.·.·.· That choreography and lyrics are deeply connected! It is now your turn, to tell me what are you thinking about all of this.

.·.·.· I hope that thanks to my work you are all able to see how great this choreography is and not only because of the main chorus move that I’ve named canes wiggle.

.·.·.· I also hope that you enjoy my work and that you were able to read it until the end, cause as always it was very long. Thanks for all your support!

.·.·.· Big thank to Cara, Yu and Paradox that help me when I was troubled by this analysis. Thank you Ana to have corrected my bad English and for your very useful help, you played a great part on this post.

.·.·.· I personally think that my analysis is pretty repetitive and not very pertinent but it’s better than nothing!

.·.·.· Also sorry for the very long delay…it took me more than a month…again!

.·.·.· White Noise Dane Analysis :


Please comment! I LOOOOOOVE COMMENTS! It makes me improve a lot!


.·.·.· I created all the gif myself, please don’t use them !

.·.·.· I have also created all the analysis and the idea of this article (if someone else has already done it, please contact me so we can talk about it).

.·.·.· You are free to #FeatureThis and comment on what you think, what dance analysis you would like to see next and on the things I can improve for a better post (the size for exemple)

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