Valuated Goods Receipt Multiple Account Assignment Sapphire

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I am going to share you the new functionality which is available from EHP4.

Business function: LOG_MM_MAA_1 – Multiple account assignment with valuated GR

Features of this function:


Business function: LOG_MM_MAA_1 must be activated.T-code: SFW5


No specific configuration required .Ensure Account assignment category has amount based distribution. Distribution by amount comes only if the basic function LOG_MM_MAA_1 activated in the system.

Transactional flow:

     1.     Creation of Purchase requisition with amount based distribution

GR non-valuatedmust be not flagged at valuation tab.


   2.     Create PO with reference to PR

If PO created without reference distribution can be allocated at PO level either quantity or percentage or amount based as per the requirement.

GR non-valuatedmust be not flagged at Delivery tab for PO without reference in order to post valuated Goods receipt.

     3.     Goods receipt with reference to PO

Accounting document created with multiple accounts

     4.     Invoice receipt with reference to PO

Accounting document created with multiple GR/IR accounts

Distributing delivery costs to multiple accounts:

     1. Create PO with planned delivery cost .Distribution required only for net price not for PDC

     2. GRN for the PO

Delivery costs distributed to relevant cost objects as per the distribution mentioned in the PO for the main item.


     1.    For delivery costs with multiple account assignment, you cannot run GR based invoice verification

     2.    You cannot use multiple account assignment in stock transport orders

     3.    Valuated goods receipts with multiple account assignments are not supported in the subcontracting process.

     4.    Valuated goods receipts with multiple account assignments are not supported into blocked stock (movement type 107) or from blocked stock (movement type 109).


SAP EHP4 release notes.

No Multiple Account Assignment for PO 

No Multiple Account Assignment for Blanket PO

As of release 4.6x, SAP does not allow multiple account assignment for blanket Purchase Order on the same Purchase Order line. (Item Category - B - Blanket item)

To get around the constraints, users could enter a second line item and assign a different account assignment. 

Things might get messy if the person doing the releases selects the wrong line item 


if the Goods Receipts was received under the wrong line item. 

This becomes a training issue, but it can be done.

Multiple Account Assignment In Purchase Order

I've found something about multiple account assingment. If i have multiple assignment i can't have valued receipt, but if i desable the flag i have no message.
When you are having the multiple account assignment, then the system will force you to have GR-non valuated indicator being flagged which results in the fact there is not any FI document at GR posting stage and this is the standard feature of SAP. 

Can I set a material to force to enable GR indicator and force to disable GR indicator? 
No, not at all. The disability of GR indicator can be set in OME9 with account assignment category.

We have an unusual situation relative to accounts payable invoice entry. 

Our users create a requisition and subsequent PO (using requisition release strategies) with a single account assignment category. They cannot use multiple account assignment category distribution because they cannot have non-valuated goods receipts. They purchase services, primarily. 

There are multiple occasions when the invoice for the service arrives that they need to change the account assignment to include either multiple objects within an account assignment category or distribute the costs among multiple account assignment categories, as in one or more cost centers and one or more internal orders. They wish to do this all on the same line item at goods receipt or invoice entry, rather than modifying the purchase order. 
It’s not possible to do this at goods receipt as the screen layout for goods receipt to PO cannot be modified. There is account assignment distribution on the invoice entry screen (MIRO), but the purchase order cannot be referenced in that case. 

Has anyone encountered this requirement and, if so, how was it handled? 
There are two preconditions that must be fulfilled - 

1) Go to transaction OME9 and flag on the 'IR changeability' indicator of the account assignment category 'K' (since this is for services). 
2) When maintaining your PO, make sure that the GR-non-valuated indicator is flagged. 

When GR is posted, no accounting document will be generated. This accounting document will be created during IR posting where A/P can manually modify the accounting data as their wish.  

Is there a way to configure in MM where PO line items can have multiple account assignments and still create accounting entries when posted during Goods Receipt in MB01? Currently, I can't assign multiple accounting entries to PO line item unless indicated as GR non-valuated. If GR non-valuated, no accounting entries will be created during Goods Receipt, entries will be created only during IV. 
In fact, it is possible to maintain multiple account assignment for each and every PO line item by selecting the 'Multiple Account Assignment' button in the 'Account Assignment' View of the Item Detail of PO. However, for such multiple account assignment selection,no accounting document will be generated upon GR maintenance. This can only be done during IR via LIV process. 

From the accounting point of view, for one particular single line item, it is possible to split into different cost centers or internal orders. For instance, I have ordered 10 pcs of bearings of which 4 will be charged to Cost Center A and the remaining 6 pcs will be posted to cost center B. However, it is of SAP standard feature that once using the multiple-account assignment, no accounting document will be generated after GR posting. They will only be posted when IR is maintained. 


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