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Situation Analysis Bmw M5 Market

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Situation Analysis BMW M5 Market
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1.0 introduction............................................................................................................... 2.0 Situation Analysis/Current Marketing Mix 2.1 Current Product 2.2 Current Pricing 2.3 Current Distribution 2.4 Current Promotion 3.0 Brand Positioning Theory 3.1 Define Brand Positioning 4.0 Target Market Identification 4.1 Geographic Segmentation 4.2 Demographic Segmentation 4.3 Psychographic Segmentation 4.4 Behavioural Segmentation 5.0 References List: 11

1.0Introduction BMW Group is one of the largest and most successful multi-brand automobile manufacturers in the world, headquartered in Munich, Germany. Just like many other…show more content…

(BMWblog, 2011)
Being a world-class classic sedan car M5, it targets the middle or high income people as their customers. And these target customers will not usually pay seriously attention on the price. So the purchase decision made by this group of people will always depend on the product features, quality or even just image. These target customers and up-to-date technology make M5 stay a high price.
The image of price list history for the BMW M5. ( InvoiceSleuth, 2011)
Besides, the historical price chart of M5 has been shown above. It shows that the average price is totally different in different model year. This means that the price strategy of BMW M5 has depended on the market environment. The changing in price will of course affect the demand of BMW M5, which is based on supply-demand theory and its large potential customer base.
Because of inconformity in target customers and price strategy, reducing price may increase demand of M5, but it will not be a big change for M5 because it already has a large loyalty customer base.
What’s more, the price is not only affected by demand. It may also be influenced by dealer to dealer. Different dealer will offer a different price because of delivery fee. Thus it is another particular factor that causes price difference.

3.3 Current distribution
It is BMW’s sale policy that all new vehicles must sell out from authorized BMW dealers, which means it will not be

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