China Coin Essay

The China Coin – Plot Summary
Chapter 1 * Leah and her mother Joan are on a plane to China in search of the origins of a mysterious half a coin that was sent to Joan from her father. * Leah is not thrilled to be going. * Leah does not see herself as Chinese. * We find out that Leah’s father has died of cancer and they are tracing the coin for him, because he was really curious about where the other half of the coin is. * Joan is spooked by what she sees on TV – a student riot.
Chapter 2 Joan and Leah go to the Qingping Market. Leah notices that China is changing Joan – she is becoming “Chinese” – a side of Joan that Leah has not seen before. They meet a young man who is putting up signs about democracy.…show more content…

* Arriving in Chonqing, Leah goes out and sees a protest. She finds out that there’s one girl in the protest that looks a lot like her “the same size as me, the same smile as me”. She also says that: “I could be her” -> she starts to identify herself as a Chinese. * * Chapter 12 * Leah thinks things are changing – Joan seems happier and more relaxed. * They have trouble finding Turtle Land Village. * Joan is discouraged and wants to go home. * Leah comes back to the city and proudly tells Joan about her knowledge about the political situation of China while Joan doesn’t care -> They don’t care the same thing * However they both desperately go look for their village even though there is not clues. * * Chapter 13 * They meet Ke, a student who is protesting. He takes them to Red Star Village. * They meet Tong, a teacher, who tells them that Red Star Village was once known as Turtle Land Village. * They are left with the last hope that is “The red star” village. While waiting for the taxi to be fixed, Leah tells Joan to go walk and find the village as it is the “final flicker” -> Leah is really serious in finding the village. * Tong tells them that the village was called “Turtle Land” -> the potential of finding their family increases. * * Chapter 14 * Joan is run over by a motorcycle driven

...The ChinaCoin Suggested answers Suggested answers to research activity Source 1 Biography: Wild Swans by Jung Chang, Flamingo Publishers, 1992, Chapter 7 Wild Swans is a personal account of three generations of women in China. In this chapter Jung Chang records the experience of her mother on the Long March across China to spread the ideas of the communist leader, Mao Zedong. After traveling from Jinzhou to Tianjin by train they had to continue their journey on foot. The route was fraught with danger as there were bandits and units of retreating Kuomintang soldiers ready to attack the marchers. They ‘had to walk long distances every day, often on rough paths, carrying their bedrolls and other belongings on their backs.’ Jung Chang’s mother’s feet were covered in blisters and she stumbled often in the slippery mud when it rained. They had to climb a steep mountain and she nearly toppled over the cliffs a number of times. She nearly drowned crossing a fast-flowing river. Her husband was allowed to travel in a jeep, with his bodyguards and he was not very sympathetic to his wife’s misery. Later she suffered a miscarriage as a result of this hardship and trauma. Language features are used to create a picture in the responder’s mind about the experiences of the marchers. Adjectives describe the journey in vivid detail: ‘The endless, magnificent, precipitous mountains were a stunning...

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