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Apush 1989 Dbq

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Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois offered different strategies for dealing with the problems of poverty and discrimination faced by Black Americans at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries.

Using the documents and your knowledge of the period 1877-1915, assess the appropriateness of each of these strategies in the historical context in which each was developed.

In reference to the years between 1877 and 1915, I assessed that, based on between each of these strategies, Booker T. Washington’s approach was more appropriate during the time period between 1877 and 1915 than W.E.B. Du Boise’s strategy, for the simple fact that while his strategy would take longer to accomplish deal with the…show more content…

Referring to (Doc B), one can assess that while black illiteracy was still at large, it is decreasing at a steady rate. This is exactly the type of strategy Booker T. Washington promoted. This decrease in illiteracy over time would eventually allow more and more black students to attend college, without hitting the invisible threshold that white southerners had set primarily by white southerners to prevent black Americans from becoming equal to White Americans; even in education. Every time the illiteracy rate was lowered, it did not seem unreasonable to allow a little more leniency in their customs of discrimination. Over time Booker T. Washington’s strategy for reducing discrimination regarding education would be successful.
Again, Booker T. Washington’s strategy for dealing with discrimination is proven to be more appropriate than W.E. B. Du Boise’s strategy because it is represented in (Doc C). (Doc C) shows the eventual decrease in the lynching of black people compared to white people. While the number of lynching of black people is significantly higher than the number of lynching for black people, both decrease over time. This shows that white people were willing to accept less lynching of black people, as black people became more integrated into the white society. This happened in several ways, such as in increase in black education. When black people because more educated, they were able to have a greater

Jessy Ayala 3/1/13 APUSH  Period 1 1989 DBQ When blacks were starting to accept their lives of inequality and poverty in the late 1800s leaking into the early 1900s, two African American leaders rose, fighting for what they believed the Black community deserved. Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois were these two famous men that came from completely different backgrounds. A former slave from the South and a rich Black leader from the North, but what they both shared was the same purpose to fight for African American society cultures. Washington wanted to try to cooperate more with the Whites while De Bois demanded more of social equality and civil rights; therefore making Washington’s approach for Black equality more   appropriate.   Besides   these  differences,   they   both   helped   improve   the  African American community during this time period. Washington is one of the most important leaders in Black civil rights activist

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